If you wish to be considered for The Guitar Innovation Experience™, please contact to schedule a personal interview with Drew Boyd. The interview is to assess your background and interests with guitars, and what motivates you to want The Guitar Innovation Experience™. It’s important that you and Drew develop a rapport about this project – do you have a shared appetite for the guitar, for experimentation, for risk and adventure, and for the challenge of creating a new and enduring innovation that could affect guitar making for generations to come? That will take teamwork and a common value system before the project even begins.

If you’re a viable candidate for The Guitar Innovation Experience™, you and Drew will find a mutually available time and location.




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The Guitar Innovation Experience™ is a unique, one-of-a-kind experience not offered anywhere else in the world. You’ll learn the lifetime skill of systematic creativity, you’ll create new-to-the-world innovations for a guitar, and you’ll own a beautiful custom handmade acoustic steel string guitar with your innovation inside.


An initial deposit is required to confirm a slot.


Amount due on Day 1 of The Guitar Innovation Experience™.


Final payment due to deliver your custom guitar .

Fees begin at $25,000 for The Guitar Innovation Experience™ and may increase depending on the selection of options for your guitar. Fees include a case for the guitar. Fees do not include your travel or other expenses you may incur. An initial deposit of $5,000 is required to confirm a slot. $15,000 is due on Day 1 of TGIE. The final payment of $5,000 is due to take delivery of your custom guitar (shipping costs are included for guitars shipped to the U.S or Canada).